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Be confident.

Be honourable.

Be valiant.

Alpha Chi Theta takes pride in being one of two sororities at the University of Victoria. As a local sorority, Alpha Chi Theta is built upon four pillars: grace & integrity, perseverance, fortitude and altruism. The purpose of Alpha Chi Theta is to promote loyalty and unity amongst our sisterhood, while lending a helping hand on campus and throughout the community.

With every accomplishment and experience, the sisters of Alpha Chi Theta know that they can count on each other to be right by their side. At Alpha Chi Theta, we are proud to know that the memories and friendships made during this time will not only last during university, but for a lifetime.

About Us


Alpha Chi Theta is a local sorority founded at the University of Victoria on April 20th, 2013. The journey began when four women decided that they wanted to promote a sense of diversity, and acceptance on campus. Months of hard work and dedication went by, and soon these four women's dreams were turned into a reality. 

The women that represent this chapter exemplify intelligence, strength and diversity. Alpha Chi Theta provides opportunities for it's sisters to form long-lasting friendships, enhance their leadership skills, build connections, and become an active part of their community. Our sisterhood provides invaluble opportunities, supports, and sources of motivation that are necessary to be successful while at university, and in life. We are very excited to watch our chapter flourish and see what we accomplish today, and in the future.